Android Applications to Use on a Date

The apps listed below will become a reliable assistant to make your date unforgettable (whether you are trying Russian dating or any other way of dating). But, most importantly, don’t get too carried away with your gadgets and don’t stick to the smartphone screen. Any applications are only an aid. What really matters is to give your partner as much attention and warmth as possible. 

  1. Hot Truth or Dare 

This is a simple game for smartphones that allows lovers to know each other a little better. In the form of a game, this app encourages talking about your feelings. With the help of Hot Truth or Dare, you can always know what kind of mood a partner has, what makes him/her happy and what upsets, what he/she loves and what hates. The application can be downloaded for free for Android. 

  1. Table Tennis Touch 

Of course, this is one of the best simulators which will not leave indifferent even a person who has never approached a tennis table. If you think that it is easy, then you are mistaken: in order to win you will have to learn how to perform complex cut cuts, count strength and trajectory, drive an opponent from corner to corner, etc. 

  1. Kindu 

Kindu is an easy transition from Tinder to real relationships because it is pretty easy to talk about sex, but it may be doubtful to go on a date with a new friend. Using Kindu, you can add your sex ideas, fantasies, and dreams and share these wishes with a partner. And you can hide them until you meet someone more suitable for each particular fantasy. So, when you go on a date, thanks to this app, you can be sure that you will have something to talk about. 

  1. The Magic Touch 

This is an unusual and quite interesting app for two which will allow melting the ice between two people. The app has something common with Twister but only for fingers. You will have to perform strange tasks, constantly touching the fingers of a partner. The game involves dragging buttons of a certain color to their places on the playing field. If you avoid close contact, you will fail. 

  1. Air Hockey 

If this is your first date, then you should start with simple arcade games that don’t require training and specific skills. This app is a simulator of the popular board game where two people take part. There is a rectangular pitch, gate, round “clubs,” and a puck. The goal is to score as many points as possible for the allotted time period. You can play on one device or via Wi-Fi. It really relaxes. 

  1. Zen Pinball 

Virtual pinball is familiar to every Windows user. However, Zen Pinball is a completely different level. Here is an excellent three-dimensional graphics, thematic locations based on popular comics, cartoons, and television series, as well as the opportunity to compete with a friend on the network. So, if you have a picnic, you can use the app to spend time actively. 

  1. Sex Tips 

This is the app for couples that know each other well. Sex Tips will help avoid much thought if all the creativity remains in your office, and you absolutely don’t want to come up with something new. There are tips that can remind of your favorite, long-desired things and create a plan for the evening, which should be realized as soon as possible. 

  1. Between 

Many couples really want privacy not only in real life but also in the open spaces of the network. And if social networks can no longer keep confidential information so well, then the application is what can make the conversation of two lovers safe and secure. This is more like a chat, but here are some cool advantages. You will be able to communicate with your partner without fear that important information will be lost. If you have a meeting with your friends, you can chat with your soulmate secretly.  

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