How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account

How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account . Now a days people want solution for this problem because Facebook monitor and disable lots of fake account. If any person use fake name or fake id then Facebook suspend thats account without any notice. So many person who suffering from this problem search the solution for this problem on net. In this post I tell you all the solution.
Today Facebook is most popular social media in all over world.But some time our account suspended by Facebookfrom many reasons like fake name, post is disturbing peoples many time and they complaining many time against you,fake id etc. If you suffer from this problem,follow this way i tell you step wise.

recover facebook account

Some time our account barred (disabled) permanently so in this matter we not get our account any way,so not to try for it.
If dissabled account for fake name,fake id etc. so you get back your account.

Request to id appeal is the only way which we try, Follow this

  • First open disabled account appeal id request
  • Then enter your Detail in original Which is register on your Facebook and attach a valid ID Proof  Which support Facebook

supported id is this- 1-Voter id 2-Registration paper of vehicle 3-Birth certificate etc.

If you have not any valid id  then you use these-1- School id 2- Credit,Debit card 3-Electricity bill etc.

  • After it fill all detail perfectly and then send
  • After sending you receive a notification message for successfully submitted your form

This way you successfully submitted your request for reactivation after it Facebook analyse your detail if all detail found valid and perfect and all things are as under term condition . I think your account is sure activate. In this process 3 to 4 days passes.

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